Gameplay improvement and update


Dear players,


please be informed that today the following changes went active for Khan Wars X:


1. Food consumption change


A certain percentage from the food income will be taken to feed the army. Here is how this percentage is determined:


If the occupied population of your castle is below 1000 – no food will be taken
From 1001 to 2000 population - 1%
from the food income in the castle 
From 2001 to 3000 population - 2% from the food income in the castle and so on.

The penalty will basically increase with 1% for each 1000 population.

Once you reach the range 50 001 to 50894 population – the penalty will be 50% from the food income.


Note: The new logic replaces the old food consumption which was determined by the amount of the campaigns.

2. New logic for the account skills


 From now on each skill will have a certain requirement which must be

fulfilled if you want to develop it.




Khan Wars Team

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